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Open AI's New ChatGPT

Optimizing Agent Workflows in Zendesk with AI/openAI & Google Gemini

At Helpando, we are leveraging AI, OpenAi's ChatGPT and Google Bard API to optimize customer service done in Zendesk. Automation of certain functions through chatbots and the development of custom AI powered Zendesk apps can extend the Zendesk interface with AI functionality so that agents can work more efficiently and effectively.

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Zendesk Sunshine Use Cases

Customers engage with your business across various channels. Your customers data lives in many different places: You might have data stored in your companies database, maybe a cloud based shopify stores order information, there’s customer data in your Zendesk already, and there might be a number of other cloud solutions connected to your business, each solution with it’s own unique set of data.

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Zendesk Sunshine Custom Objects

What is Zendesk Sunshine?

Not a week passes without one of our customers asking us about the new Zendesk Sunshine framework and what it can be used for. To be honest, for some time we did not have a good answer ourselves. Only after actually getting our hands dirty building solutions based on Sunshine for clients we can now give a proper answer.

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