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With Zendesk apps and development for your Help Center, you can take your online customer service to the next level. helps you integrate your cloud-based Help Center and customer service with other web apps or your own internal systems.

Zendesk App Integrations and Development

Suppose you use Zendesk as your ticketing system, here are a few examples how custom Zendesk apps would be beneficial for your organization:

  • You are looking at a ticket from a customer and you want to pull and display additional information about this customer from your own internal systems.
  • You want to track the time an agent spends on a tickets and create automated reports.
  • You receive a ticket in a language your agents do not speak and would like to use a web service to translate communication to and from the customer.
  • You want to pull information about a tickets requestor from another cloud app like Salesforce, SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics.

That’s the very short list. Whatever Zendesk app or extension you imagine would be helpful for your agents and decrease a tickets solution time, improve your customers’ experiences, improve the efficiency of your customer service, or whatever else your goal might be, we scope, built, test and help you set it up.

Having build dozens of apps for many clients and varied Help Center needs, we are sure we can deliver the custom Help Center app solution you need.

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