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As Ex-Zendesk employees and now authorized Zendesk Implementation partners we at Helpando.it always get excited when Zendesk releases a new feature.

When Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane introduced Sunshine at the Relate 2018 event we were sitting in the front rows and felt first hand that this is not just a “feature” being added to the platform.

With Sunshine Zendesk became an open CRM platform, and as Zendesk states: lets you connect and understand all your customer data—wherever it may live—and use it across your business.

We have written about what Sunshine is and gathered some use-cases for Sunshine in order to inspire business owners and customer support leaders with ideas how to use Sunshine.

What really excites us though is building custom solutions based on Sunshine for our clients.

Our approach is straightforward:

  1. We get together and talk about how you currently use Zendesk. We cover the lifecycle of a typical ticket, the channels you use, etc. Every time we hear something like “It would be great if…” that is where we are all ears and dig deeper to see what can be done to improve your workflow.
  2. After an initial scoping call we at Helpando stick our heads together and discuss what is needed for your implementation. Can we build a solution with what is natively available within Zendesk or do we need a middleware web service? If you have an internal database/application, is there an available API we can use to pull/push data? Can we leverage existing apps we built in the past or public apps from the marketplace to save effort?
  3. We will send you a ballpark quote together with our plan for implementation

We offer a free scoping call for anyone who wants to talk about Zendesk Sunshine.
During this call we will see if and how your business can potentially benefit using Sunshine in the future.

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