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How are we unique? We’ve got SOUL

We provide the services you need to make your cloud based customer services work, and we are especially proud to be a preferred Zendesk partner.

Most cloud systems are focused on making amazing software, but for your business and building best practice online customer service solutions, the support of an experienced team will make the difference to your project.

The Helpando team has helped hundreds of companies analyse their workflows, set up their accounts, design great Help Centers, train  support agents and admins, migrate data and build custom apps to integrate with their own internal systems, and more.

We like to think we help put the S.O.U.L. into online customer support. got SOUL

About Helpando founder Fabian Dittrich


Helpando was founded in 2013 by Fabian Dittrich. Fabian worked as part of the Zendesk Professional Services team, helping companies with their cloud migrations and other technical needs. The experience gathered at Zendesk became the foundation for starting Helpando, becoming a Zendesk partner, and building a team that knows all the best practices relating to online customer service.

Fabian works with a global team of freelancers and contractors to deliver on the wide range of online customer support services Helpando provides, exceeding client expectations on a regular basis. When he’s not working with clients, Fabian spends time working on social projects across the globe. He has worked from the back of Land Rover Defender while drive across South America, to experiment with the ideas of a location independent company and meet those changing how we work.He also drove from Berlin across 12 countries in Africa in a old Mercedes Benz to raise money for grass roots charities. He has collaborated with Wired, had writeups in the Financial Times, El Comercio, done several TV, radio, and podcast interviews, delivered keynote talks at DNX, Betahaus, and TedX.You can read more about what Fabian is up to on his website.

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